How to transfer contacts and data from Android to iPhone

How do I transfer contacts, music, and other data from my Android smartphone to my iPhone? We answer this question in this article.

Here comes the moment when you need to transfer your data to your iPhone. If you are migrating from Android, these systems are very different in their structure and compatible software. If you have a lot of important information on your old device, you’ll no doubt want to save it by copying everything to the new one. Here are a few ways to make the transition from Android to iOS as easy and comfortable as possible.

Method 1: How to transfer data to iPhone via “Move to iOS”

  • Make sure that Wi-Fi on the Android device is active and the new iOS device has not yet been set up after switching on;
  • During the first iPhone setup, under “Apps and data”, find the “Move data from Android” item;
  • On the old device, install the “Move to iOS” app and run it accordingly, confirming your actions.
  • On the screen of the Android device, move to the top right corner and tap “Find code”;
  • Next, on the iOS device press “Continue” followed by “Move from Android”.
  • Wait for the code number to appear on the iOS device;
  • Enter the code on the Android device and see the “Transfer Data” caption;
  • You can now select the categories of data that need to be transferred. During the copying process, it is best to leave the devices alone, even in cases where the old device shows the completion of the process. All data, including photos, contacts and even some compatible applications, will be migrated.
Android Mobile to Ios

It should be noted that in order to successfully transfer all data, the iPhone must be set up for the first time. If this is not the case and you have managed to set it up, then you will have to reset the smartphone completely and repeat the procedure.

The iOS device must have enough memory to retrieve all the information from your old smartphone. If you want to migrate all your tabs and saved data from your Chrome browser, update it to the latest version before the procedure.

Method 2. Using the “Transfer for Mobile” application

  • Install the “Transfer for Mobile” application on your PC and connect both smartphones via USB cable;
  • Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed and that “USB Debugging” is enabled on your Android device;
  • The transfer software interface is fairly straightforward. Select what you want to transfer from Android to iOS in the selection menu.

The method is blindingly simple and versatile. The software will allow you to move information between different devices on different platforms.

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Method 3. How to transfer data to iPhone using Gmail

  • Make sure you enable Android sync with Gmail, and to do this, find the “Sync” option in the settings and activate it;
  • On your iOS device, in the settings section, find “Mail” and select “Add account” there, while selecting “Google Gmail”;
  • Once you have logged into your account and synced your data, all the data from your Android device will appear on your iPhone (contacts, calendars, messages, all mail).
Gmail Android to ios Data transfer

The data will not appear immediately, so you will have to wait a while. This method does not involve transferring photos, videos, or apps.

Method 4: Using iTunes

  • Copy all the information from the Android device in the DCIM folder to your PC with iTunes installed;
  • Next, connect your iOS device to your PC and start iTunes;
  • Select your device in the program;
  • Then select the “Photos”, “Music”, and “Videos” folders in turn and click on the sync button, selecting the original DCIM folder at the same time;

This method will allow the above materials to be fully migrated but will take quite a long time to copy.

Method 5: Using Dropbox or Google Drive

  • Launch the app and use the add content function to upload the files you want to transfer to your iOS device from Android;
  • Log in to your Dropbox account from your iPhone and simply download the previously uploaded files.

The only limitation will be a paid subscription to the app. With it, you’ll have access to 2,000GB of storage space. Dropbox also offers a free trial period for a month, but the free storage space is limited to just 2GB.

Android to ios transfer Drive & dropbox

Technically, Google Drive is no different from Dropbox but provides 15GB of free storage.

Method 6: How to transfer data to an iPhone using the SHAREit app

  • Install the app on both smartphones;
  • On the Android device, tap the send button and select the desired files to move;
  • On the iOS device, tap the accept button and wait for all data to be copied.
Shareit android to ios transfer

This an easy way to avoid wasting traffic on uploading and downloading via cloud services, and to avoid buying subscriptions to paid services.


The process of transferring all the information from Android to iOS seems quite a complicated procedure due to the big software difference between the two platforms. But if you use one of the methods mentioned above, you’ll find that it’s very easy.

A variety of fundamentally different transfer methods will allow you to take advantage of both regular facilities during the first boot and setup of the iPhone, and workarounds with special software. Now you can be sure that no photos or emails are lost when you move from one platform to another.

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